Fabio Muniz
Digital Product Designer

I take a high level product vision and understand who its users will be and what their problems are. Then, I find the best way to solve those problems. Finally, I choreograph the people and processes involved in bringing that solution to life.  

Most of my experience comes from working with venture-backed tech startups in the US and EU. I’m currently freelancing fulltime.

Case Studies

Electric Bike Buyer’s Guide: designing around content (Web)

Awari, a platform to discover newsletters (iOS) 

Silvva, designing the restaurant-side apps of a food delivery startup (iPad and Android) 


I write for Testlodge about Startups, Freelancing and User Experience. My pieces are then published on various blogs and publications. 

Check out my 23-point Usability Checklist on UXPin. And my favorite Remote Usability Testing Tools, on Testlodge’s own blog. 

Mentorship, Dribbble Meetup

I’m one of Springboard’s UX Mentors. Check out the course, it’s pretty cool. (I’m currently mentoring 10+ students) 

I’m also the co-organizer of São Paulo’s Dribble Meetup. Pictures and a recap of the last one (written by someone who attended) are here.


I’m currently booking projects for 2016. Get in touch to learn more about my current availability and rates. The best way to reach me is to shoot me an email.


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