Mudee is a real estate website offering high-end properties in Brazil. I worked with the product team to redesign an initial version they had launched a few months prior.

Mudee - Cover

User Research & Personas

I started off revisiting the existing documentation, going through records of customer interactions and interviewing existing stakeholders. It helped me get a much better understanding of who the user was, but it still wasn't enough, so the next step was using that information to outline a few base personas and then do research to fill in our knowledge gaps.


We then did a break down of the existing product, and now working with a much deeper understanding of our users, we looked back with much more focus at all the functionality that existed (or was in the roadmap) and wrote a PRD. It outlined what we wanted to keep and the areas we wanted to explore - which was also really helpful to make sure the team was on the same page.

Mudee - PRD

Functionality Maps

The existing website was already up and running, but there were many usability issues, and various significant user flows were too complicated. I decided to map out those, identify where we could do better and that resulted in the functionality maps you'll see below.

Mudee - Map 01
Mudee - Map 02


We then moved on to wireframing and building prototypes for the most critical user tasks. We implemented changes in the overall navigation structure, redesigned the core components (i.e., property listing cards), and tried different approaches to various interaction challenges.

Mudee - Wireframes 01 Mudee - Wireframes 03
Mudee - Wireframes 02 Mudee - Wireframes 04
Mudee - Wireframes 05
Mudee - Wireframes 06

Usability Testing

I'm a firm believer that testing early and testing often is crucial to delivering effective product design. We mapped out various task scenarios and made sure to bring in users early on. You can see some of them below:

Mudee - Wireframes 01


Once we were happy with the wireframes and the testing seemed promising, we started thinking about visual design. The existing website had many visible design flaws - from typography and the color palette to the actual logo, which wasn't strong enough for the targeted high-end market. After going through all those things, this was the final result:

Mudee - Mockup 00
Mudee - Mockup 01
Mudee - Mockup 02 Mudee - Mockup 03
Mudee - Mockup 04 Mudee - Mockup 06
Mudee - Mockup 05 Mudee - Mockup 07

Final Thoughts

We then worked with the engineering team to plan out the implementation phase and make sure they had everything required for success. Implementing redesigns can be tricky, so communicating clearly and being available during the dev sprints was essential.