I worked with Viacom to help them build and ship a business intelligence dashboard to visualize how different teams were allocating their budgets. Our goal was to help increase accountability and use data to drive planning decisions.

Viacom - Mockup 02

Project Plan

We kicked off the project with an in-depth planning phase to map out the design and engineering tasks. We had a short timeline to deploy the dashboard, and it was essential to make sure everyone was on the same page.

Viacom - Project Plan

Stakeholder Interviews & Experiments

Building internal tools is always challenging, and one of the reasons for it is because the people who are working on the product will most likely end up using it too. As a result, the primary challenge is often going through the initial ideas and experiments that come up during the initial briefing sessions and understanding the underlying problems we want to address.


Once we had a clear picture of what we had to accomplish and how we'd most likely do it, I put together various wireframes (You can see some of them below) to experiment with different navigation and data visualization patterns. We'd start from a high level and slowly move towards more granular details.

Viacom - Wireframes 01 Viacom - Wireframes 03
Viacom - Wireframes 02 Viacom - Wireframes 04


We were happy with the results we had accomplished with the wireframes, and even at that fidelity level, the users could still get the info they needed. The next step was applying the company's brand guidelines and making sure the visual design was sharp, with a modern look and feel.

Viacom - Mockup 01
Viacom - Mockup 02
Viacom - Mockup 03
Viacom - Mockup 04

Interaction Design

We paid particular attention to small interaction details and made sure to address those - even little things like making sure hovering on a specific corner of a graph would highlight it, or slightly changing the color on a card when you're focusing on it.

Viacom - Mockup 05

Wrapping up

The next step was working with the engineering team to build it out and integrate it with the existing internal system. Looking back, this was a great project and an excellent example of how proper planning and good communication goes a long way.